The ministry got its start by way of radio when the Lord spoke to Evangelist Darlene Gordon instructing her to initiate a radio broadcast. As a lay minister in the gospel at the time, she questioned the Lord causing a delay in carrying out the charge. A year later, she felt the Lord strongly unctioning her that it was now time to do the broadcast, so she decided to try the spirit and began taking the necessary steps to bring the broadcast into existence. Through constant prayer and fasting, the Spirit led her to cross paths with Deborah Holmes, former manager of KSTL 690 Radio. Mrs. Holmes played an integral part in helping to lay the foundation and showing Evangelist Gordon the ins and outs of radio broadcasting. 

Once she had reached a certain point in her learning, she felt it was time to seek God for the name of the broadcast ministry. The Lord spoke to her and said it was to be called, “Word Empowerment Ministries”. Soon after that, in August of 2000, the broadcast began. The goal of the ministry was to empower God’s people through His living Word; saving, transforming and delivering many souls. As a result of the broadcast, Evangelist Gordon soon started a Bible study in her home, not realizing that this was exactly what would lead her into birthing out the church. Her desire was always to get people saved and the way to do this was to get God’s Word out to as many as would hear. 

After a year of radio broadcasting, the Lord told her that it was now time to start the church. Thinking of her inability to lead God’s people as an under shepherd, God reassured her by telling her, “if you step into the call, I will do the rest.” This tested her faith in God and her ability to know the voice of God. She hesitated and did not move until she was in a service and heard a minister say, “you are not in the right position.” It was as if God himself was speaking directly to her and immediately on Sunday, September 18, 2001, she held her first church service in the living room of her home, in which the members only consisted of her husband and children.

The church came to be known as Word Empowerment Kingdom Building Center.

Each week, she ministered as if the house was full and every Sunday, the Lord would send someone new to join the services. The first year brought about trying times, which caused Evangelist Gordon to go into much fasting and prayer, which ultimately developed her faith and strengthened her ability to hear God with clarity.

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